Providing a Christian education for students in grades K-6

The mission of St. Mary’s School is to provide an envrionment that promotes Catholic Christian values for all.  We work with parents, the parish community, and the community at large to empower our students to recognize God’s presence in their daily lives and to be responsible lifelong learners who strive for academic excellence.

Kindergarten Round-Up: St Mary's School

March 21st, 10:30 - 12:00 / Sign Up: 320-589-1704

St Mary's parents and staff would like to invite you to register your child at our wonderful school. We have prepared a well-planned curriculum for your child. Mrs. Sayles has 14 years experience as a Kindergarten teacher here and is known for her excellence in teaching these sweet faces.

We are proud of our school's reputation in the Morris Community. We are thrilled at the number of students who are on the Morris Jr./Sr. honor roll each quarter and their participation in sports. We are proud that they are learning about God and his ways.

For complete details, click here to view our Kindergarten Round-Up Brochure.

The Principal’s Office

Leslie Honebrink

Leslie Honebrink

"I feel that every child that enters an educational institution has the right to receive a non-discriminative, creative, stimulating, and challenging education, so that the child may achieve his/her highest potential.

I feel integrating Catholic Christianity in all aspects of a child’s academic and social environment helps the child to have a better understanding of himself, each other, the world, and God’s love."

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School News

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